What IS the deal with no-code licensing?

(I obviously wrote this a while back...supporters of the code have lost...I still believe what I wrote however...look for me on the CW bands.)

This is short and sweet.

If you're not willing to learn the code, you're not worthy of being a ham in my opinion. Now, I realize that we already have no-code techs, and nothing against these guys, they're just taking advantage of what the system offers.

The big argument against a code requirement is that it is no longer necessary for one to demonstrate the ability to copy Morse code in order to communicate in today's mostly voice and digital ham world. I agree. I also maintain that the theory is also unnecessary...after all, most hams will purchase an HT, charge the battery and get to talkin' on 2 meters. Radio and antenna all-in-one: what technical knowledge do you need to figure that out? About what you need to program your VCR. I even saw an ad in QST recently for one of the companies offering a pre-programmed HT...for those too lazy to learn how to enter frequencies in memories. Even most complete HF installations are completely commercial these days. I guess all we really need is a test on rules and regulations and maybe a little on safety.

Another argument is "but I've tried and tried and I just can't learn the code". Maybe, but I doubt it. I've heard no-coders say that, after all, the code is just similar to music. Again, I agree. Now, how many people do you know that can't recognize tunes? Not very many. It's just a failure to properly apply oneself in attempting to learn the code.

I feel that if you really have the desire to be a ham, you will overcome the obstacles that stand in your way. Knowledge of code and theory indicate that desire. Neither are required in order to get on the air and communicate, but they do demonstrate that you are willing to work to earn the privilege of being a ham.

I don't care if you learn the code and theory and never use either one of them. The fact that you have bothered to acquire the knowledge indicates to me that you really do want to be a ham. If, however you're successful in having regulations changed so that no code knowledge is needed in order to get an HF license, you can forget about a QSO with me...and a lot of other like-minded folks.

My suggestion: Just shut up and learn the code.

Support Know-Code licensing!

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